Each smile is a unique mosaic of life’s cherished memories – from heartwarming gatherings with loved ones to tranquil moments of personal introspection. Yet, the passage of time and life’s events can often imprint themselves on our smiles, leading to wear, decay, or the effects of aging. At Brighter Smiles Family Dentistry, your devoted and caring Dentist in Altoona, we dedicate ourselves to rejuvenating the vivid story your smile tells.

Why Choose Us in Altoona

Dentist in Altoona with her female patient

Right in the heart of Altoona, our dental practice is a cornerstone of exceptional dental care. We’ve earned our trusted reputation through a few essential values:

  • Customized Dental Solutions: Every smile tells a different story. At Brighter Smiles Family Dentistry, we’re all about listening to you and adapting our services to fit your unique dental journey.

  • State-of-the-Art Techniques: We’re passionate about your oral health. That’s why we embrace the latest dental techniques, ensuring you get the best possible care.

  • A Welcoming Space: We get it, dental visits can be nerve-wracking. That’s why we’ve created a clinic that’s not just about expert care, but also about making you feel at ease, ensuring a relaxed and positive experience every time you visit.

Enhancing Your Dental Journey

Dentist in Altoona with her female patient

Have past dental experiences or anxieties kept you from getting the care you need? Brighter Smiles Family Dentistry in Altoona is here to change that. With us, you’re not just a patient – you’re an integral part of our dental family. From the moment you enter our office to every step of your treatment, we wrap your experience in warmth, understanding, and genuine care.

Your Trusted Dentist in Altoona

Whether it’s your regular dental check-up or specialized treatments, our adept team at Altoona is all set to cater to every aspect of your dental care:

Look forward to thorough oral exams, gentle yet effective cleanings, expert tooth extractions, and immediate care for urgent dental needs.

Whether it’s the familiarity of traditional braces or the innovation of modern orthodontics, we’re here to steer your smile to its best alignment.

Pondering over dental implants, crowns, bridges, or dentures? We specialize in bringing back the strength and beauty of your smile.

Our clinic is a haven for young smiles, offering a warm, encouraging environment that sets the stage for a lifetime of dental health.

Your Dental Care with Dr. Fulton

Facing dental issues or noticing your smile losing its luster? Dr. Fulton, renowned in Altoona for her dental expertise, is here to help with empathy and skill. She approaches each patient with a nurturing touch, conducting thorough evaluations and crafting tailored solutions that align with your unique dental story. For Dr. Fulton, dental care is more than just procedures; it’s about valuing the stories each smile tells and fostering them for years to come.

Begin Your Journey to a Radiant Smile!

At the heart of Altoona, our clinic, led by your trusted Dentist in Altoona, is more than a place for dental treatments; it’s a gateway to a brighter, more confident you. We promise that with every visit with us, not only will your dental health see improvement, but you’ll also feel a boost in your overall well-being.

Brighter Smiles Family Dentistry in Altoona invites you to embark on this life-changing journey. Schedule your visit, discuss your dental aspirations with us, and together, let’s create the next chapter of your beautiful, radiant smile.

Brighter Futures Start with Brighter Smiles.

Dental worries keeping you up at night? Reach out to our dental experts close by. With our expertise, make informed decisions for the health and radiance of your smile.

Modern Dentistry, Gentle Care

Comfortable and Caring Dental Care for the Whole Family

I was a patient of Dr. Todd for years. He was great. Wasn’t sure what the experience would be like with a new dentist. I shouldn’t have worried. The staff stayed the same, and Dan’s replacement was warm and welcoming. The office was a bit quieter without Dan’s booming voice, but the dentistry was solid. I would recommend it to those looking for a new dentist.

Ann V., via Google

After Dr Todd retired last month I was thinking of changing to a dentist in my town and close to home. Brighter Smiles called me to schedule an appointment since I was a month past due for my 6 month cleaning. I was too busy to investigate a local dentist and schedule. I am glad I did go ahead and schedule. I love the new owner/dentist. She is super sweet and made time to do my dental work that day. She saved me from taking more time off from work and from worrying about the procedure that needed to be done. Won’t be changing dentists!

Kimberly G., via Google

I was able to schedule an appointment one week out and staff was able to get me seated almost immediately when I arrived. Overall staff was friendly and Dr. Fulton was able to help me with a crown on a cracked tooth. I can’t say it’s always fun going to the dentist, but Bright Smiles Family Dentistry made it easy and conformable for me to get the work I needed to be done. Will be coming here for future dental needs.

Aaron F., via Google

Very Friendly, fun to work with. The staff has always made us feel comfortable, the dental experience was easy and the treatment explained. No fears of going to the dentist here.

Jeff W., via Google