Tooth fillings are used to repair a tooth damaged by tooth decay or mirror chipping. Typically placed in a single appointment. But first, Dr. Fulton will guide you in selecting a suitable filling material depending on the type of tooth that needs to be repaired.

Tooth Fillings using tooth-colored composite resin are not just an aesthetic choice but also a smart one. Unlike alternatives like silver amalgam, mainly used for tooth fillings on back teeth or sometimes baby teeth, composite resins are more appealing. Made from a harmonious blend of plastic and glass, they can be customized to mimic the appearance of your tooth enamel. This makes tooth fillings a natural tooth repair solution that is virtually unnoticeable. Moreover, these resins offer excellent durability and resistance to fracture, providing long-lasting repair for small to midsize fillings that must withstand the pressure of constant chewing.

The Procedure for Tooth Fillings

After choosing a filling material, Dr. Pham will proceed with the treatment by numbing the tooth. The tooth is then prepared by removing any decay or old damaged fillings, and then thoroughly cleaning the area. Special medication may be applied to protect the tooth if the decay was close to the tooth nerve.

Next, a composite resin that closely matches your teeth color will be selected. This high-quality material, noted for its durability and aesthetic appeal, will be precisely placed, molded, and polished. It’s a meticulous process, crafted to restore your decayed or damaged tooth to its original shape, size, and appearance. But it doesn’t end there. After the procedure, our dedicated dental team will provide you with personalized aftercare advice, ensuring your filled tooth remains strong and healthy. We aim not just to fix current issues but also to prevent future ones, promoting optimal oral health for all our patients.

Dental Exam and Cleaning - Tooth Fillings

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I was a patient of Dr. Todd for years. He was great. Wasn’t sure what the experience would be like with a new dentist. I shouldn’t have worried. The staff stayed the same, and Dan’s replacement was warm and welcoming. The office was a bit quieter without Dan’s booming voice, but the dentistry was solid. I would recommend it to those looking for a new dentist.

Ann V., via Google

I was able to schedule an appointment one week out and staff was able to get me seated almost immediately when I arrived. Overall staff was friendly and Dr. Fulton was able to help me with a crown on a cracked tooth. I can’t say it’s always fun going to the dentist, but Bright Smiles Family Dentistry made it easy and conformable for me to get the work I needed to be done. Will be coming here for future dental needs.

Aaron F., via Google

Very Friendly, fun to work with. The staff has always made us feel comfortable, the dental experience was easy and the treatment explained. No fears of going to the dentist here.

Jeff W., via Google

After Dr Todd retired last month I was thinking of changing to a dentist in my town and close to home. Brighter Smiles called me to schedule an appointment since I was a month past due for my 6 month cleaning. I was too busy to investigate a local dentist and schedule. I am glad I did go ahead and schedule. I love the new owner/dentist. She is super sweet and made time to do my dental work that day. She saved me from taking more time off from work and from worrying about the procedure that needed to be done. Won’t be changing dentists!

Kimberly G., via Google